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A Complicated Promise

Bill Mefford

Our passage in Genesis recalls the powerful vision God gives Jacob. Prior to this event, Jacob’s mom, Rebekah warns Jacob of Esau, his older brother, and Esau’s hatred towards Jacob and his plan to kill Jacob because he had stolen Esau’s blessing with the aid of Rebekah.

Racism Love and Transformation

Molly Carr

As I reach my mid 50’s in this time of the Covid 19 Pandemic and the aftermath of the lynching/ by strangulation  by police of George Floyd in Minneapolis, I have been shaken...we all have been shaken by the challenges and threats to our collective welfare.  A video replayed over and over of his horrific torture and murder with racial hatred at its core has brought to light the profound suffering for 400 years of black

Let Death Go: Grace to Act, Live Fully & with a Mission

Kent Beduhn

Good morning. These are amazing scriptures with common themes.  In all of them we are confronted with direct images and experiences of bullying intimidation and death, but also grace-filled release and new life, in all of them there are choices and a dilemma presented, and in all of them Grace intervenes to offer a way through and out of the dilemma—where God may be revealed.

Sarah Laughed

Gail Arnall

June 14, 2020
Text: Genesis 18:1-15

Sara laughed.  Here’s what I think really happened.  Sarah overheard the discussion and once again was stabbed in the heart.  She, a woman of 90, had been barren.  When she married Abraham, there were big dreams about children – lot of them.  But year after year, when all her friends were having children, she could not conceive.  Then four times she conceived but lost the babies within a few months into pregnancy.  And here was this stranger saying she would have a child at her old age.  How ridiculous.  How absurd.  And Abraham just listened, as though he believed it.  “Yeah, right,” she thought.  “God says I’m going to have a baby after all this time?  What a joke.”  She laughed. 

Holy Breath of Pentecost

Brooke Lacock-Nisly

May 31, 2020

Good Morning 8th Day!   I’m so thankful for this opportunity to share with you this morning on such a special day.  Today we celebrate Recommitment Sunday, Pentecost, and my first teaching at 8th Day!   I’m thankful for Sito’s invitation to speak today, as it both gave me the opportunity to dive deeper into understanding of Pentecost (which I honestly didn’t know much about) and gives me a chance to share more of me with all of you!