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Living into the Message of the Good Road

Woman smiles over her shoulder holding a baby
Emily Everhope

In thinking about the beginning of Lent this year, it seems in a way that Lent last year never ended, maybe some of you feel the same way… The pandemic hit in the US about a year ago and I remember thinking that observing the ‘rules’ of social distancing / isolation, masks, hand washing, working remotely, worshipping virtually, etc. could be a strange type of Lenten fast.

Story Made Flesh

Meade Jones Hanna

In Memphis, my hometown, the Episcopal priest comes down from the altar, walks to the middle of the pews to be with the people, we would all stand and turn our bodies so our shoulders would face the priest and hear the word of God with our whole bodies.  Many traditions, including Jewish and Muslim trad

Roses in December

Paul Fitch

Good morning friends, community, family. Greetings from my second homeland, El Salvador, where I have been for the last three weeks, and will remain until early April. I am pleased that, although we are physically far apart, we are close together in our hearts and in the spirit.