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How Do We Sing the Lord's Song in a Strange Land?

We are a small, diverse ecumenical church with members from different faith backgrounds and ways of expressing our faith. We hold in common the desire to follow Jesus through peacemaking, work for justice (especially economic justice), and environmental sanity.All are welcome, regardless of faith (or lack of it), religious background, age, gender, sexual orientation, wealth (or lack of it), ethnicity, or any other characteristic that ordinarily separates us from one another. We are open and affirming and value the differences among us. Check us out! We meet at the Festival Center at 1640 Columbia Rd NW in the Adams-Morgan neighborhood of Washington.  Our church services begin at 10:00 AM Sundays. Click here for map. 

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The Borderlands, in the Desert and the Inner Life

Connnie Ridgway

Feb 17, 2019 
     Jeremiah 17:5-10
     Psalm 1
     Luke 6:17-26

SONG (traditional)

I’m just a poor wayfarin’ Stranger, traveling thru this world of woe
But there’s no sickness, no toil or danger
In that bright world to which I go.
I’m going there to see my mother, I’m going there no more to roam
I’m only going over Jordan, I’m only going over home.

I know dark clouds will gather round me,
I know my way is rough & steep
But beauteous fields lie just beyond me,
Where souls redeemed their vigil keep.
I’m going there to see my savior, to sing her praises evermore.
I’m only going over Jordan, I’m only going over home.

A few weeks ago I went with my friend and partner Jesse to Sahuarita, a town south of Tucson AZ, to be a part of “Common Ground on the Border,” a 3-day event that introduced people to migrant issues on the border, as well as celebrating the music and arts of the border lands. 

Making a Home in the Wilderness

Kip Dooley

February 3, 2019

     Jeremiah 1: 4-10
     Psalm 71: 1-6
     Luke 4: 21-30
     1 Corinthians: 1-13

May the words of my mouth and the meditations of our hearts together be acceptable inour sight, oh God our rock, redeemer, and friend.

A little over eight years ago, something very unusual and unexpected happened to me. I, 21 year-old lifelong skeptic, walked into an evangelical megachurch in Cape Town, South Africa, and had a very sudden and cathartic spiritual awakening.

This experience has become a touchstone for me. It's an experience I cherish and go back to often in my own mind. Many of us have a few singular experiences in life where we really felt God's love and everything became suddenly clear. But these moments of grace, where God reveals himself to us in an unmistakably clear way, are very rare. What I really want to talk about today is what 8th Day has made possible for me: which is to turn a moment of faith into a journey of faith. Moments of revelation are wonderful and important; but what is just as important, if not more so, is what we do after that moment of revelation.

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