Who Are We?

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The Eighth Day Faith Community is one of the nine faith communities in the tradition of the Church of the Saviour, an ecumenical Christian church in Washington, D.C. We consider ourselves a part of the Christian church universal, with members from many different expressions of the Christian church: Baptists, Catholics, Lutherans, Mennonites, Presbyterians and others. We value the gifts that the many Christian traditions have to offer and believe that an openness to these different streams of Christianity allows us a richer faith.

Eighth Day takes its name from the faith that God has continued to create beyond the biblical seven days. The eighth day of creation is the life we now lead, one in which we are to be co-creators with God of a reign of justice, compassion and care for God's creation as witnesses of God's love expressed in Jesus Christ. We are a multi-ethnic worshiping body of over forty members and about twenty regular attenders.  Attendance at weekly worship is usually about 40.

In keeping with our confidence in the “priesthood of all believers,” we have no paid pastor or other staff. Instead, overall leadership is provided by the Servant Leaders mission group. A worship mission group coordinates our weekly services and the New Creation mission group provides leadership  of our music.  In addition we rotate such roles as teacher/preacher, worship leader, retreat leader, and so on among the members of the worshiping community, encouraging new and experienced people alike to exercise their various gifts.

As explained on our history page we are part of the Church of the Saviour, which--after realizing in 1976 that at 100+ members it was getting too big--divided into nine smaller sister communities.

The missions page describes the concept of mission groups and the various missions and nonprofit charities that the church has helped start.

One School of Christian Living class has compiled the "marks" of the community.