Marks of the community

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  1. Radical, unequivocal commitment to the poorest
  2. Commitment to a life of dialogue
  3. Critical contemplation of one's own life and the life of the community
  4. Commitment to a life of reflection
  5. A time of solitude structured into every day
  6. Commitment to becoming an informed, mature follower of Jesus
  7. Intense focused communal prayer and laying on of hands for those in need
  8. Operating out of the call of God
  9. Commitment to a specific mission
  10. Commitment to evoking the gifts of each person
  11. Valuing non-members
  12. Non-hierarchical leadership and servant leadership (every person can lead through serving)
  13. Consensus decision-making
  14. Challenge at the point of lifestyle
  15. Hospitality, welcome and inclusivity
  16. Regular gathering as a community for worship, fun, celebration, study, dialogue

8th Day School of Christian Living Community Class, May 22, 2011