Membership Commitment


The commitment each person makes when becoming a member reflects the belief that the love of God - Creator, Savior, Sanctifier - calls each one of us to a life of giving to our world, both individually and corporately through our community. It is in community with others that we can truly find God, grow spiritually, and become more compassionate persons.

These commitments are then lived out in the disciplines to which members commit.  The following is the membership commitment that each of us takes, either on becoming a member, changing class of membership, or recommitting to membership with the entire community on Pentecost Sunday.

I come today to join the Eighth Day Faith Community. I commit myself to following Jesus whose life was fully centered in the grace and truth of God. I believe that God’s transcendent love is revealed in Jesus. I will endeavor to follow Jesus in paths of peace, forgiveness, healing, justice, and mercy.

I accept God’s call on my life as my highest priority. I will seek to be open to God’s transforming power and love. I acknowledge that God’s truth is revealed in many ways and through other people and other faiths.

I commit as a Member* to engage in the spiritual disciplines and practices that are expected of my membership. In making this commitment, I affirm that the practice of spiritual discipline is necessary to deepen both my spiritual growth and my engagement with the world. I recognize that I need the support, challenge, and discernment of my Christian community in order to grow spiritually, walk humbly, and act in faithfulness.

I acknowledge that we are united in God’s love and grace. I offer my gifts, my strengths, and my weaknesses to this community and pledge to open my heart to what others bring. I accept the responsibility to build, sustain, celebrate, and challenge our community to do God’s will in the world.

I will respond to Christ’s call to stand with “the least of these” by committing my resources of time, money, and energy to help build a world of inclusiveness, love, and equity. I joyfully affirm that I am called to a life of love that includes all God’s creation.

* includes all levels of membership (community, intern, covenant)

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