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Eighth Day has no paid leadership.  Members share leadership according to their gifts and call. 

Current leaders are:

Moderator: Kip Dooley (click to send message)

Communications Coordinator: Kevin Boteler (Brooke has agreed to be the webmaster and help with technical issues.)

Worship Coordinator: Karen Mohr

Pastoral Care Coordinator: Dixcy Bosley-Smith

Finance & Administration Coordinator: Maria Barker

Spiritual Growth & Education Coordinator: Sito Sasieta

Community Life Coordinator: Wendy Dorsey

Ecumenical Council Representative: Jonathan Nisly

In addition, during our worship services, one person acts as liturgist, another reads the scripture, another gives the teaching, and others lead the music.

Leadership of specific events (Camp Meeting in October or Community Day) in early spring is also shared according to call and gifts.

Members meet twice a year, December (budget meeting) and June to make basic decisions about the church.