Chris Taylor

February 11, 2018

Text: Mark 9:2-9

Good morning, my dear sisters and brothers.

I'm truly honored and feel blessed to be here, speaking to you all today.  When I got the call from David Dorsey asking me if I would like to do the teaching today, I said “sure” without any hesitation.  In Mark 9, we’re told about the transfiguration.  I myself had a transfiguration in my life.  It’s been almost 14 years now that Jesus touched me.  Since that blessed day, my life has been transformed.  It started then and has not stopped, and took away my addiction.

When we look at the Scriptures of transformation throughout the Bible, it’s just miracle after miracle, transformation continually.

When Jesus healed people, telling them go and sin no more, each person’s life was never the same after that encounter with Lord Jesus.  We cannot remain the same.  We change.

After that fateful day when I asked Jesus to take away my addiction, the very next morning, when I woke up, I was transformed.  I didn’t have any desire to go out there looking for a “fix.”

It was a long journey to now.  I thank God for those He used to help me along that journey.  Meade, Alice Azuzzi, Potter’s House, Marja and David Hilfiker.

We cannot do it on our own.  And sure enough, God sends us someone.  He knows we need a good, solid support.

I never dreamt I would be worshiping God each Sunday: playing guitar/music for Him, attending Jubilee church each Wednesday.  We, me and my lovely wife Sandra, call it “Bible studies” not “Jubilee church.”

Because I was not running the streets, hanging out with the old crowd, things started changing.  God was transforming me.  And guess what?  I like/love it.  I look forward to coming here each Sunday or to Jubilee each Wednesday.  I also go to Mass more than once during the week at the Shrine/Basilica.  We do daily devotions at home.

God gave me Sandra.  If I was still out there, “playing the fool,” I would not be married to one of the most wonderful spiritual, beautiful people there is.  She does so much for me.  I would not be here today speaking to you all.

I look forward to reading/hearing God’s Word.  I see things differently.  I do not take any credit for any of it.  I know deep in my heart it’s only because of God’s grace, love and mercy.  I’m a changed man.  I’m not just saying that.  I know what my previous life without God was like.  People who knew me before say that to me all the time.  Even last Wednesday night after Jubilee church, Mike Schaff said, “You are not who you used to be.  And I’m sure Sandra keeps you on the straight and narrow.”

I pray for people everywhere to be touched by Jesus, to have their own personal transfiguration.  Jesus came to save us, to give us new life, to transform us.

Being part of this community of Eighth Day fills the void in my life.  Each time I come to church it’s like going to a family reunion.  It gives my life a sense of purpose and value.

I wish I had found Jesus way before when I finally did.  I’m certainly glad that I did, though.

I totally agree with David Hilfiker when he says, “The Bible is an invitation to a new way of life,” which also translates to “transfiguration” or “transformation.”

I think when people are transformed, it’s because of the Holy Spirit.  It’s like they’re filled with an overflowing sense of love.  And that’s what causes people to change and repent and live how God wants us to live.

Let us pray that our journey through Lent transforms our hearts through prayer, sacrifice and sharing our time and treasure.

There are people in my life that I’m convinced are angels without wings, for example, my mother.  I broke her heart when I was using, but as a good Catholic mother, she never stopped praying for me.  God took her to heaven before my addiction was cured.  That’s one of my regrets.

Sandra, my dear wife, my one true love, does so much for me.  No amount of words can explain.  I’m forever thankful and grateful that she, too, another angel, is part of my life.  A very big part.

Let your faith roar so loud that you can’t hear what doubt is saying. 

After all that Jesus did in the Scriptures when He walked among men, people still didn’t believe.  They’re a lost cause.  I don’t know.  I feel sorry for them.  So much God does for us each day and yet we choose not to believe.  Because we don’t believe, we cannot be transformed.

It’s so important to praise Him, make Him number one.  Because of all that He does.

Because of Jesus we have eternal life.  And guess what?  In paradise.  Wow!

Some people don’t believe.  Even though God performed so many miracles!   Like a rose, trampled on the ground, that’s what happened to Jesus.

Our daily prayer should be: Father, please transform me.

Transformation can be compared to being in the darkness for so long and when you plug into Christ, the light comes on.  Light is now everywhere.

I’m sure each one of us here has heard of or knows someone who was dwelling in darkness and now walks in the light.  Complete transformation.  So much light where once was only darkness.