The Blessing of Impermanence

Gerald McCorkle

May 27, 2012

Good Morning, I’m honored to be speaking to you today.  I want to talk about the blessing of impermanence.  As I’ve lived and learned and traveled this road of life, I’m learning myself, and beginning to understand.  I just experienced this impermanence about 10 days ago with the ending of the Thursday Night open mic; now I’m working in the Blessing.

There are thing I use to help me navigate my way to the island of equanimity; I want to share those with you. 

If you’re around me long enough I will tell you, “Thom Bell is the best songwriter and producer ever”.  He’s 1/3 of The Mighty Three Music.  The Mighty Three is something I share with One Voice One Sound, I’ll do that here another time; now I want to share with you My Melody performed by Deniece Williams, co written by Bell and Williams and Produced by Bell.  (Deniece Williams - My Melody 1981

.From: How to live without Fear and Worry by K. Sri Dhammananda

The law of impermanence lays it hands on all people.  And all youth ends in old age, all health in sickness, all strength in impotence, all beauty in ugliness, and all life in death.  Nothing can stop this process. Death follows birth, as night follows day.  This process of change is common to all-to poor and rich alike, to the young and the old.  But his seems to be the very thing some of us forget, living and acting as if we are immortal.

If we look closely at life, we can see how it is continually changing and moving between contacts.  We will notice how it fluctuates between rise and fall, success and failure, gain and loss, honor and contempt, praise and blame.  We see more clearly how our hearts would respond to happiness and sorrow, delight and despair, satisfaction and disappointment, hope and fear.

The mighty waves of emotion carry us up, but no sooner are we up in the crest when, they fling us down.  Hardly have found some rest when, they fling us down.  Hardly have we found some rest, before we are swept up again by the power of a new wave.  How can we expect to gain footing on the crest of the waves?  Where shall we erect the building of life in the midst of this restless ocean of existence, if not on the island of equanimity which will shelter us from every storm?  This island of equanimity develops in our minds after we have undergone many disappointments, and have finally emerged much wiser.  It is an island which provides stability and peace in the face of sickness, separation and death.

I want to share with you something I wrote in 1980 not realizing I was already on that road.

Changing World © 1980 GMcC,

Changing world spinning round with me, changing world tomorrow where will you be.
New kind of world in the making, is it here just for the taking?
Changing world there is a need for us to take you home, forgive us now for the lack of love we’ve shown.  And tomorrow’s child will have a place, a peaceful mind, in time and space.

Give us understanding as we rearrange, life is so demanding, it all has to change, changing world spinning round with me.

The Rabbi Yeshua /Jesus teaches us:

But seek ye first the kingdom of G-D, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Matthew 6:33 KJV

Aramaic translation: Neil Douglas Klotz, PhD Blessings of the Cosmos

If you’re going to be anxious and rush around about anything, do it first about finding the “ I can” of the universe and how it straightens out your life.

Line up your starting place with that of the cosmos: search and ask and boil with impatience until you find the vision of the One Being that empowers all your ideas and ideals, that restores your faith and justifies your love.

All the rest-the universal and endless “things” of life-

Will then attach themselves to you as you need them

You will stand at the threshold where completeness arrives naturally and prostration leads to perfection.  Pouring yourself out makes the universe do the same.

Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself.  Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof” Matthew 6:34 KJV

Aramaic translation: Neil Douglas Klotz, PhD Blessings of the Cosmos

Don’t torture yourself standing watch over things, accomplishments or states of mind you want to possess tomorrow, it does work that way.

Tomorrow means things depart.  Time and the elements wash them away just as they came, with abundance, as the future stands by watching.

Each day completes itself with its own share of unripeness. 

Every illumination carries enough inappropriate action without carrying any forward.

Now I will share with you what The Science of Minddescribes as “the individual elements of the perfect plan known as our personal experiences” and as Rabbi Jonathan Glass of Congregation B’nai Shalom in Buffalo Grove, IL reminds me “We must know that we are part of something much larger than ourselves and our personal experiences, something we may never fully understand” MyJewish Learning 10/22/2011

GMcC © 2001, 2003, 2011, 2012

An Angel of the Lord spoke to me in a dream:

My Brother (body in decay many years, but not his Spirit) “Said I like the color of your hair”

Your G-D has not forsaken you nor has He forgotten all your Thank Offerings.  Remove the covering from your eyes.  This student is just an element of the perfection of your soul, not the first not the last, just this one now.

Soar above the mountains as you know you can view the Birth of new stars, as you know you can, remember the start of this part of this Now Journey, see what you’ve been given Now, remain steadfast.  The Lord said Your are Mine, I created You from the very beginning, I AM

The Man looked at the student, he wanted acknowledgment of the wondrous things that have happened the promiseis fulfilled, prayers answered, but there was only disappointment

The man being Blessed as he is by G-D, redeemed and highly favored lamented “why?

The Angels surrounded him protecting him in all things in all his ways, yet he can be hurt; an arrow through His heart.

The student revealed to one of his cohort The Blessing only to be shared cautiously.  The student tried to quite the voice revealing the tale, but it was too late, another arrow in the heart.  The man lamented Oh Lord how long will this pain endure when you relent you know the suffering of my soul, your hands made me, you create all things, joy and sorrow oh Lord, relent, why has he not spoke to me or shown gratitude to me.

My brother said “Its not for your glory

Failure, no why analyze every experience

The Man prayed to his G-D,

The I AM that is you is in me acknowledgment of your Divine presence dwelling in me, The Light of G-D is the Soul of Man.

[Gerald sings My Love for you Is Different Now (a song inspired by John Mohr a book gift to me The Way to Love )]

My Love for You Is Different Now by GMcC

My Love for you is different now
You weren’t trying to put me down
Just trying to get me to see
The way to Love

When I didn’t see you for a while
Oh, how I missed your loving smile
Thought you were sharing with someone new
Old jealousy took its toll on me
An all my thoughts were so untrue

But, My Love for you is different now
And I felt just like a clown
Without a circus ring
And all I want really don’t mean a thing

I love you the way you are
You don’t tell me what I want to hear
And now I understand your ways
I know your heart’s sincere

So my love for you is different now
And I feel so safe and sound
Having you as my best friend
You showed me the way to love and like the stars above
We’ll shine forever until the end
My love for you is different now

A thought:

Hashem gave his Servant grace, the Man asked and Hashem heard his cry for mercy.
Hashem sent the angles to protect Him.  He gave him the first: Give thanks to Hashem
He gave him the second: give thanks for the wonderful deeds of Hashem
He kept the Man hidden in The Light.
In The Light another day, give thanks to Hashem, the Man said “I will keep my vows, I am His servant.
All the man was seeking was Grace and Hashem answered, yes, because I Love you.
The Man then made a thank offering then a song

A gift from Hashem

Individual Elements of the Perfect Plan

He left the house intending to walk a little way up the hill but decided to go a little further; traveling down the long straight road, the Red Winged Black birds calling from the reeds.  The open spaces one after another, familiar places then another, to the point crossing the roadway, there like the last sentinel a reminder, a sign, a wonder, the bamboo holding down the corner speaking volumes

I wanted to walk outside in the pouring rain again and again and I did just like I Am, a kid; bare feet in the grass, ahhh lets make the feeling last a short while at least, yes it will, yes it will bring me peace

It seems I was giving more thought to the Blessing of Impermanence then I realized judging for the words I wrote inspired by Dot Cresswell, so I invite you to think about it with me.


The silence of the wind
A leaf floats in the air
A bird beats its wing
G-D mystery is there
G-D speaks speaks to us without a sound
He calls to us, we turn around
The melting of the winter snow
In silence the grass will grow
The seasons change summer to fall
We can’t hear that change at all
We grow older everyday
In silence our hair turns gray
G-D loves the silence
I move to slow , I move to fast
Trying to make the feeling last
But if there’s anything I’ve learned
It’s to G-D, that’s where I turn
In silence, prayer in Silence