The Racial Justice and Healing mission group

The Racial Justice and Healing Collective meets weekly at The Festival Center.  Below is our vision and mission statement.  If you have questions about this group or want to explore joining, contact Harold Vines at 443-315-3168 ( or Dawn Longenecker at 202-328-1102 (



Our Vision

We envision Faith Communities in the D.C. area inspired and equipped to dismantle racism.

Our Mission

We are a multi-racial community guided by faith that acknowledges and confronts racism and works toward a just and truthful society.

Our Principals/Practices

Preamble: We recognize the oppressive power of racism in our society and we are committed to the long-term work of racial justice.

  1. We desire to deepen our faith journey with God, guided by the Spirit and life of Jesus.
  2. We welcome persons of all faith traditions, and all spiritual teachings that lead us toward racial justice, healing and truth.
  3. We evoke, encourage and honor the gifts and call of all our members.
  4. We strive to liberate all from bonds of racial oppression under the guidance of the People of Color in this group.
  5. We build community through playing, working, and celebrating together.
  6. We honor and respect each person's full truth and humanity.

Our Strategies for Action

  1. We continually educate ourselves, and endeavor to model the vision and mission in our community.
  2. We maintain a resource center of training materials.
  3. We grow our own skills in holding hard conversations: compassionate listening, conflict resolution, and non-violent practices/actions.
  4. We organize and sponsor classes, workshops, worship services, civic events and creative expressions to further the racism education of other individuals and groups.
  5. We help to develop healing circles in the community.
  6. We collaborate with both secular and faith-based groups focused on ending racism.
  7. We listen to and work cooperatively with the communities with which we engage.