Datesort ascending Title Teacher
May 5, 2019 Teaching by Jesse Palidofsky Jesse Palidofsky
Apr 28, 2019 You Think You Know What I Need Tony Johnson
Apr 26, 2019 Re-Membering Resurrection Marcia Harrington
Apr 14, 2019 Palm Sunday 2019 Kent Beduhn
Apr 10, 2019 Suffering and Hope Ann Barnet
Mar 31, 2019 Hope in the Darkness David Hilfiker
Mar 25, 2019 Beloved Beloved Beloved Patty Wudel
Mar 11, 2019 Belonging, Risk-Taking and Freedom Alfonso Sasieta
Feb 26, 2019 Path to God, Love of Enemies, Spirit Body in our Earthly Body Carol Bullard-Bates
Feb 17, 2019 The Borderlands, in the Desert and the Inner Life Connnie Ridgway