Datesort ascending Title Teacher
Mar 29, 2020 One Thing at a Time Michaeo Schaff & Crisely Melecio
Mar 22, 2020 Oscar Romero at 40 years since his martyrdom, a light for our times. Videlbina and Paul Fitch-Flores
Mar 15, 2020 Wild Hope Gayle Boss
Mar 9, 2020 Old-Age Diminishments Marja Hilfiker
Feb 19, 2020 Planting, Watering, and Tending for Life and Growth from God Emily (Owsley) Everhope
Feb 13, 2020 The Grace of Salt and Light Kip Dooley
Feb 2, 2020 Micah and anti-racism Karen and Steve Mohr
Jan 21, 2020 Milagros Phillips - teaching Milagros Phillips
Jan 16, 2020 Singing Creator's Song in a Strange Land Jesse Palidofsky
Jan 11, 2020 Love is a Decision Kent Beduhn