Datesort ascending Title Teacher
Feb 17, 2019 The Borderlands, in the Desert and the Inner Life Connnie Ridgway
Feb 4, 2019 Making a Home in the Wilderness Kip Dooley
Jan 27, 2019 Re-Membering Our One Body Crisely Melechio-Zambrano
Jan 6, 2019 The Embodied Journey at Christmastime Emily Owsley
Dec 28, 2018 Only the Beginning of a Larger Story Fred Taylor
Dec 16, 2018 Courage to Be Joyful Kevin Boteler
Dec 2, 2018 Advent and Slavery Betsy Grooms Edmonds
Nov 24, 2018 The Calamities of Our Times Kate Lasso
Nov 11, 2018 Amazing Grace David Hilfiker
Oct 29, 2018 Grieve, Cry Out, and Give Thanks Meade Hanna