Sunday Liturgy

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Eighth Day Faith Community Liturgy

[In the last  months we have begun to use various orders of worship.  This is the current order of worship; the prvious order of worship is listed after this one



At its Greek root the phrase "to believe" simply means "to give one's heart to." Thus, if we can determine what it is we give our heart to, then we will know what it is we believe.

-Kathleen Norris, Amazing Grace, p 62

Call to Worship

Leader:   God calls us into a future that we cannot see.

People:   We come wondering where God is calling us now.

Leader:   God calls us to believe in a future of justice and peace, of generosity and compassion.

People:   We come wanting to give our hearts to that future.

Leader:   God calls us to commit our lives to love and service.

All:          Let us worship the God who calls us into the unknown.

Hymn of Praise

The Confession and Lamentation

Leader:   We sense that God is calling us to a new and undefined journey.    

People:   We hold back because the way is unknown.

Leader:   We feel frightened and uncertain.

People:   We try to avoid thinking about it, much less committing to it.

Leader:   We are paralyzed by our fear.

People:   We are unable to give our whole heart to an unknown future.

Personal Confessions and Lamentations


We are supported, held, and

The Holy One believes in us

and calls us into the unknown.

Welcome to our Visitors

Passing of the Peace

Hymn of Commitment

Reading of the Lectionary Scriptures

The Teaching

The Gathering of Gifts

Community Prayers

Celebration of Communion

Sharing the Bread and Wine

Communion Prayer: God of abundance and mercy, we give joyful thanks for your eternal love and healing presence in our celebration of bread and cup. Bless this body of Christ that we may attend faithfully to our call to be your servants, with each other and throughout the world. Amen.

Hymn of Celebration


Commission and Blessing

L:   Remember each day that you are chosen by God. Be open to the spiritual blessings available at all times.

P:   We are cleansed and free, purified and made whole.

L:   Dwell in the mystery of God’s will for you. Reach out in love.

P:   We have been blessed and fed in this place.

Amen and Alleluia!


Updated July 5, 2015


Previous Order of Worship

Welcome of Visitors and Greeting
Call to Worship

Repeat Psalm selection after the liturgist

Silent Prayer and Reflection
Prayers of Thanksgiving and Praise

Please share brief words of thanks and praise

Sing ending response: Let the people praise you, O Lord
Let all the people praise you

Opening Hymn
Lamentation and Confession

Read aloud one line as you are led.

God, we want so much to belong; teach us to accept.
We want to be close; teach us to reach out.
We want a place where we are welcome; teach us to open our arms.We want mercy; teach us to forgive.
We want peace; teach us to work for justice.
We want truth; teach us honesty.
We want joy; show us the way of deeper commitment.
We want life; show us how to die.

Share your own lamentations and confessions out of the silence

Comfort and Absolution

Liturgist reads: Hear the words of comfort. We are not alone. Our struggle to find our place within a fearful and unjust world is treasured. God is here. God’s love will not let us go.

Sing Together: God is Forgiveness. Dare to forgive and God will be with you. God is Forgiveness, Love and do not fear.

Passing of the Peace
Children’s Teaching
Scripture Reading

After the teaching, there is time for silent reflection.

Gathering of Gifts

Sing in response: For the Giver, for the gifts: Praise, Praise, Praise!

Community Prayers

Lord’s Prayer (We use different versions of the Lords Prayer on different weeks)


All are welcome to share in the communion feast. The two outside lines (leading to the rear of the table) are for those wishing to drink directly from the cup. The two inside lines (to the front of the table) are for those wishing to dip their bread in the cup.

Liturgist: Welcome, all, to the Banquet Table of the Lord!
People: We come with thankful hearts!
L: As Jesus was eating the Passover meal with his disciples, he took bread, gave thanks, and said,P: “Blessed are you, Creator of the Universe, who has brought forth bread from the earth.”
L: Jesus broke the bread, gave it to his disciples and said,
P: “Take this and eat, this is my body broken for you.”
L: Then he took the wine, gave thanks, and said,
P: “Blessed are you, O God, who has brought forth the fruit of the vine.”
L: Jesus gave it to them, saying,
P: “Drink from it, all of you, for this is my blood, the blood of the New Covenant.” Let us share in this Banquet to remember Jesus and to celebrate God’s Realm of Love here and now!

Reflection in Silence

Closing Communion Prayer

Read together: Strengthened by Your presence in this feast, may we be one holy family in You. You are the vine and we are the branches and the fruit of the vine. May we love one another as you have loved us! Amen.

Hymn of Celebration
Benediction (Sung or Spoken)

L: Go now, in peace!
P: Go now, in peace!
L: May the love of God surround you,
P: Everywhere, everywhere you may go!
All: We go now to love and serve God, our brothers and sisters and all of Creation.

Amen and Alleluia!