Spiritual Inheritance Class (Orientation to 8th Day)

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The Inward Journey Mission Group is organizing a 5 week course, Our Spiritual Inheritance, beginning at 6 pm on Thursday on Sept 2 and meeting weekly until Sept 30.  It will be held online with 1½ hour sessions.  Between each session you will be asked to read selections from some of the Church of the Saviour classics.  Our only request is that everyone joins the course with the intention of participating in all five sessions.

The purpose of this course is two-fold:

         - to encourage discovery about both who we are and where we might fit within the Body of Christ,

         - to learn about and discuss the practices that 8th Day believes are helpful in deepening relationship with God.

We first and foremost welcome those who are newer to 8th Day, to learn about the Church of the Saviour and the practices that we find helpful in promoting intimacy with God.  We also invite those who have been around awhile to participate in this discussion and storytelling, as we explore together what is meant by Inward Journey, Outward Journey, Community, Call and Gift-Evoking, all ideas that are central to 8th Day's approach to spirituality.  

If you would like to participate, please email Gail Arnall or Kate Lasso or let Ann, Nancy, Marcia or Eliana know.  All are welcome! 


Week 1 - We are called Beloved

readings:  Ch 1 Servant Leaders, Servant Structures (all readings will be emailed to participants)

6:30 - welcome, prayer, introductions

6:45 - 7:00 - introduction in pairs:

  •      what are my own spiritual inheritance and doctrinal roots?
  •      how did I start coming to 8th Day?

7:00 - 7:30 - introductions by partners to the whole group

7:30 - 8:00   Early vision and history of the Church of the Saviour

  • First meeting of Church of the Saviour took place on October 5, 1946

vision of the Church of the Saviour video

  • Idea for a non-denominational/ecumenical church outside of the denominational framework came from Gordon's experience in WWII.

story of 7 men:  everyman/everywoman pp 6-7 Servant Leaders, Servant Structures

Church Gordon dreamed of - Call to Commitment - p 13

  • While CofS de-emphasizes denominational doctrine, it emphasizes the spiritual journey we are all on, which is supported by the practices of the inward and outward journeys, within community

Inward Journey - engagement with self, God and community to become closer to God

Outward Journey - concrete involvement at a  point of the world's need, based on call, using our God-given gifts.

  • In this way, CofS tries to bring to life the way we understand early Christians lived.


  • In 1976 CofS was divided into smaller communities, one being 8th Day

read 8th Day's original call

7:55 - 8:00  closing prayer