Service to the 8th Day Community

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The 8th Day Faith Community is a lay-led church, with no pastor or paid staff. In this regard, we consider service to our church community as an important spiritual practice in which everyone may participate, regardless of their status as member or non-member. Roles that are important for our community include:

  • Liturgist - training is available if you would like to serve as liturgist; generally our liturgists are also church members.  Email: Worship mission group.
  • Scripture reader - Contact the worship mission group which organizes scripture readers.
  • Preacher - Contact the worship mission group which sets up the preaching schedule.
  • Musician - please talk to the musicians about joining them in creating music during our services. Email: Connie Ridgway
  • Greeter – please talk with Maria Barker; you just need to arrive by 9:30 am with a smile on your face.
  • Church set-up/take down - everyone can help. Please see the worship mission group if you'd like to help on a regular basis
  • Teacher/discussion leader - please contact the Servant Leader mission group if you have an idea for a class or discussion group.
  • Retreat Leader/Assistant - please contact the Servant Leader mission group if you would like to serve in this capacity.
  • Budget Committee - please contact Maria Barker if you would like to participate on the budget committee.
  • Outreach to newcomers, sick/elderly, etc. No one is currently organizing this important activity, but many engage in these outreach efforts on an ongoing basis.
  • Contributing food at our monthly potlucks. Anyone can contribute! Please see Sandra Stephen if you would like to bring a cake for the monthly birthday celebration at our potluck.
  • Organizing fun activities - go for it!