Compost: An Everyday Miracle

Jean Brown
Jean Brown sits making pottery and smiles
While Jean doesn't have a written version of her teaching, she offers the poem she ended her sermon with...
As I kneel to put the seeds in
careful as stitching, I am in love.
You are the bed we all slept on.
You are the food we eat, the food
we ate, the food we will become.
We are walking trees rooted in you…
I worship on my knees, laying
the seeds in you, that worship
rooted in need, in hunger, in kinship,
flesh of the planet with my own flesh,
a ritual of compost, a litany of manure…
Marge Piercy, “The Common Living Dirt,” from Stone, Paper, Knife. (New York: Alfred A Knopf, 1983), p 123-124