Recommendations for Preachers/Teachers

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The following guidelines may help you prepare for offering the Sunday morning teaching at Eighth Day.

1. Start with the lectionary scriptures but don’t be limited by them. If something else is burning within you, feel free to work with that and offer it.

2. Spend ample time in preparation.

3. If you are using scripture, a good annotated bible is a great help (e.g. the Harper Collins Study Bible, New Interpreters Study Bible or the New Oxford Annotated Bible). If you are using a scripture and prefer to read it as part of your sermon, that’s fine. Just let your contact person or someone else in the Worship mission group* know ahead of time.

4. Normally limit your teaching to 20 minutes using a watch or timer. Read or give your teaching aloud to yourself or another person. 

5. If you’re a first time teacher/preacher and need help, ask soomeone in the Worship mission group* for a helper/mentor. There are experienced teachers/preachers at 8D who will be glad to assist you.

Worship mission group members: Gail Arnall (email, telephone (202) 285-5525), David Dorsey (email, telephone (301) 587-5326), Helen Walker (email, telephone (202) 277-7669) and Betsy Edmonds (email), cell (301) 326-3884.