Assignment for Class 9 -- Nov 10

Mike Brown

Assignment for class #9

1. Take time (10-min) each day to pay attention to the world around you. How are you aware of the mystery we call God in all of life and how are your responding to it?

2. Read Scripture Readings for the Sun,12/17 (Isaiah 61:1-4,8-11); Psalm 126; John1:6-8,19-28; 1Thess 5:16-24). What Laudato Si' themes appear in these scriptures? Also, See separate attachment for printed readings.

4. Read Laudato Si' Chap 6 - Ecological Education and Spirituality (p. 58)

3. Present Themes:
-Theme #6 Human meaning of ecology (Carl N & Molly)
-Theme #7 --Need for forthright and honest debate. (Marcia)
-Theme #10. Proposal of a new lifestyle. (Carol B)