Our History

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The Church of the Saviour was founded by Gordon and Mary Cosby and others in 1948 out of a call to create a new church. The intent was to look back to the earliest Christian communities and try to imitate their strong communal ties and their individual and corporate commitment. The spirit-filled early church was a place where "the whole body of believers was united in heart and soul." (Acts 4:32)

In 1976 the Church of the Saviour divided into smaller communities in order to be more faithful to God's call to do justice and love mercy. The Eighth Day Faith Community was among the first sister communities formed.  Founding members on July 18, 1976 were the following: David Dorsey, Dottie Bockstiegel, Helen and Harold Carey, Allan and Phyllis Holt, David Fitch, Dennis and Jayne Wood, Elizabeth O'Connor, Thelma Jones, Bill and Betty Price, and Esther Dorsey. It began meeting at the Potter's House on Sunday morning and continues to do so now at 10:30 AM.

Eighth Day takes its name from the title of Elizabeth O'Connor's book, The Eighth Day of Creation. After God created the world in seven days, we humans became co-creators with God for the continuing creation of God's dream. We are one of nine independent church communities birthed by the Church of the Saviour.  Each church has its own worship service and mission groups.  Click here for a list of Church of the Saviour worshiping opportunities during the week.

To find out more about The Church of the Saviour, visit the Potter's House Bookstore Site for information on obtaining books by Elizabeth O'Connor (one of the founders of Eighth Day).