Exploring Prayer Together with Luisely Melechio-Zambrano

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Exploring Prayer Together

Tuesday, June 22, 6:30pm — Ignatian Contemplation with Luisely Melechio-Zambrano

"How good it is to center down! To sit quietly and see one's self pass by! — Howard Thurman

Dear 8th Day,

As we enter into a new year of membership, I invite us each into a time of reflection in regards to our inward journeys. Where is there life & peace as it pertains to your spiritual practice? Where is there dryness? What pockets in the day do you want to dedicate to prayer or silence or song? In what ways is God calling you into a deeper communion? As Yahweh says through the prophet Joel, “Even now, return to me with all your heart!” (Joel 2:12)

For the month of June, some members of our faith community are going to be sharing one of their prayer practices. Each of these gatherings will be experiential, with the facilitators inviting you in to explore their style of prayer. If you feel compelled by one or some of these gatherings, I hope that you will join! Perhaps one of these offerings can be implemented into your own routine, or perhaps, they will spark a new creation in your own prayer life.

We will be usuing the usual 8th Day Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/5320553902

For further information, contact Sito Sasieta

Prayer Offerings

Tuesday, June 29, 7pm — Centering Prayer w/ Carol BB (zoom)