Personal Call

The concept of an individual or corporate call has been central to the Church of the Saviour and to Eighth Day since their respective inceptions.  We are confident that God calls each of us to mission.  A significant part of our faith journey is discerning that call (often not easy at all) and implementing (never easy) it.  The fundamental marks of call are:

  1. The mission is that meeting place between your joy and the pain of the world.  The call to the mission just will not let go.
  2. The called person has some specific gifts that they can offer to the mission.
  3. The mission brings them great joy.
  4. The mission is, in human terms, impossible.
  5. The mission is corporate: at least one other person is also called.

Over the years many different missions  have been called: L'Arche communities (link is external);for intellectually challenged adults, Academy of Hope (link is external)a school for adult education; Joseph's House (link is external), a home and community for homeless men and women needing terminal care; and many others.

For a teaching on the meaning of Call, click here.