Covenant and Intern Membership

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Until recently only those who had committed themselves to all of the disciplines (covenant members) of the community or were preparing for that (intern members), were "members" of the Eighth Day Faith Community.  More recently as we have become more and more aware of the need for greater inclusion, we have defined membership as being either a covenant/intern member or a community member, while worshipers who are not formally members are a vital part of our community. 

Covenant and intern members commit to a set of core disciplines that allow us to maintain a commitment to our own spiritual journeys and to the community.  Each of us is in relationship with a spiritual director (usually a member of our mission) who keeps us accountable for those disciplines and for our spiritual life in general.

We endeavor to be the spiritual guides to the community.  Each of us maintains a shepherding relationship to particular community members and often act as spiritual directors.