Welcome to 8th Day Faith Community

Welcome to the Eighth Day Faith Community

An Ecumenical Church

Children's Sermon We are a small, diverse ecumenical church with members from different faith backgrounds and ways of expressing our faith. We hold in common the desire to follow Jesus through peacemaking, work for justice (especially economic justice), and environmental sanity.All are welcome, regardless of faith (or lack of it), religious background, age, gender, sexual orientation, wealth (or lack of it), ethnicity, or any other characteristic that ordinarily separates us from one another. We are open and affirming and value the differences among us. Check us out! We meet at the Potter's House at 1658 Columbia Rd NW in the Adams-Morgan neighborhood of Washington.  Our church services begin at 10:30 AM Sundays. Click here for map.

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Our Search for the Common Good

Orlando Tizon

Genesis 41: 1-8; 47:17-19
Mark 6: 34-44

As I was searching for information on climate change, I came across opinions from different sources affirming that today, with US elections coming up next year and other world changing events, there is a common feeling that there is something new and different going on.  People worldwide are realizing that the gap between the 1% superrich of the world and the 99% of the poor is becoming unbearable; they are pointing fingers at the system that’s responsible.

People are realizing more and more that old institutions and ways of doing things no longer work, with more people being faced with the reality of inequality worldwide and here in the US with the failed foreign adventures in the Middle East and Afghanistan and the great recession of 2008 when the housing market collapsed and the big banks got bailed out.  People are beginning to name the main culprit market capitalism and seeing the tentacles that this creature has spread out in people’s lives.  Today coalitions are being formed and large alliances are coming together.

Money, Possessions and the Kin-dom of God

David Hilfiker

June 7, 2015

Texts: Mark 10:17-27
          II Corinthians

I've wanted for a long time to offer a teaching about money.  I've hesitated, though, in part because I haven't been able to figure out exactly what Jesus was saying about it.  But then I thought that since no one else has figured it out, you wouldn't expect me to in twenty-five minutes, so I'll just consider some of the questions the Gospel asks us.  The other part of my hesitation is that it's one thing to talk about money when, like Marja and me, you have more than enough and another thing when, like some of you, you're struggling to make ends meet.  But if we're going to be part of the same community, we're going to have face the issue of money together, too.

I'm told that Jesus talked more about material wealth and possessions than about any other subject except the Kin-dom of God.  Given that almost all of us in this country are wealthy compared to most of the rest of the world, I suppose it's not surprising that the American church has largely ignored, stretched or distorted Christian theology to avoid the biblical teachings on money.

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