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How Do We Sing the Lord's Song in a Strange Land?

We are a small, diverse ecumenical church with members from different faith backgrounds and ways of expressing our faith. We hold in common the desire to follow Jesus through peacemaking, work for justice (especially economic justice), and environmental sanity.All are welcome, regardless of faith (or lack of it), religious background, age, gender, sexual orientation, wealth (or lack of it), ethnicity, or any other characteristic that ordinarily separates us from one another. We are open and affirming and value the differences among us. Check us out! We meet at the Festival Center at 1640 Columbia Rd NW in the Adams-Morgan neighborhood of Washington.  Our church services begin at 10:00 AM Sundays. Click here for map.

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Preparing for the Coming of the Messiah

Molly Carr

December 4, 2016
Text: Matthew 3: 1-13

Asking for forgiveness and committing one’s life to God and Finding Peace within ourselves and amongst the people who are walking this Earth with us.

I have been speaking lately to friends who are dealing with tremendous adversity about simply devoting oneself to God, Love and Hope.   When we are overwhelmed by life’s suffering and pain and struggles, sometimes all we can do is focus on a few words at a time...God, Love and Hope.  The story of John the Baptist calling out in the wilderness speaks to this.  He has left his home, he is a wanderer communing with God and he is acting on the divine inspiration he is receiving.  He is sustaining himself on locusts and wild honey.   His clothing is created by combing the hair of a camel.   This represents his great love for God’s natural world...he is living gently on the earth.  He is at the same time reaching out courageously with love and compassion to the diverse peoples of the region...people of many different tribes, Jews and Gentiles ...and  telling them to come join him in what he perceives as a life giving recommitment to God.  He offers them baptism...a ritual of asking for forgiveness for hurtful destructive God-less living  and committing their lives anew to God and welcoming the new leadership of Jesus--the coming Messiah.  John’s message focuses on God, Love and Hope and Peace.

Hope in the Darkness

David Hilfiker

November 27, 2016
Texts: Isaiah 2:1-5
          Romans 13:11-14

Today’s the first Sunday of Advent; we’ve lit the first candle of the season, the candle of Hope.  But as the implications of the national election sink in, it’s a little difficult, for me at least, to speak about hope. 

We’re entering a period of political and spiritual darkness.  Now, there’s been a lot of talk about the political darkness, but about the spiritual darkness, not so much. 

There are good reasons for that. 

First, while most of us here have disagreed strongly with Mr Trump, he was elected in a democratic process that reflects the genuine pain and loss experienced by so many Americans, and they’ve expressed their sincerely-held political beliefs clearly.  

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